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Discover the power of Famerlio, designed exclusively to optimize your farming endeavors.

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A zeal to support farmers

Our comprehensive suite of professional services caters to a diverse range of farmers, who either use the app for various purposes.

Catfish farming calculators

  • Stock Density Calculators: Ensure optimal stocking rates for your pond.
  • Feed Quantity Calculations: Precisely determine feed requirements for your production cycle.
  • Plus, a range of other invaluable calculators at your fingertips.

Fish Farming Courses

  • Fingerling Productions: Master the art of producing high-quality catfish fingerlings.
  • Feed Production: Learn cost-effective methods to produce your own feed.
  • And more courses designed to elevate your farming skills.

App Access

  • Download the Famerlio app as an APK for Android users, with plans for web and iOS versions in progress.


Explore our farmers’ market within the app, offering essential tools and supplies at unbeatable prices, empowering your farming journey.

Record Keeping

Effortlessly store and analyze farm data, identify trends, and enhance your farming business with informed decisions.

Crowd Farming

Diversify your investments by participating in available farms on the app, earning rewards at the production cycle’s end.

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