Famerlio Crowd Farming – Less Risk, More Profits

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You may have the money, but not the time nor the experience to grow your farm. That is where famerlio crowd farming comes in! you invest, we grow, we split the profits.

How Crowd Farming Works on Famerlio

famerlio is a farmer owned, crowd funding platform, operating in Ghana, we offer fractional ownership of fish farms to our members.

Sign up

Sign up for a famerlio account, to gain access to highly profitable farms to invest in.


Determine what best fits your investment portfolio. All farms have been carefully selected to profit.


Monitor the progress of the farms you invested in the backend of your profile. Weekly updates are provided via your backend.

Collect your profit

Profits from the sales are distributed to investors after fish are harvested and sold each season.

Why Invest in Aquaculture

Explore various reasons we believe that crowd farming in aquaculture is the best investment for you.


Consistent profits while feeding the world and reducing world hunger.


Global fish demand is expected to double by 2050.

With declining natural stock of fish in our oceans and river bodies. The onus lies you and I, to grow to meet demands.

Meet the needs of the global community, and also make considerable profits.


There would always be demand for fish across the globe.

With a ready market of over 9 billion people worldwide, you can always be sure of consistent sales and profits

Even in adverse situations, people need food! You can’t get it wrong

What makes famerlio different

Founded by an experienced aqua culturist with over 9 years of successful farming, Famerlio’s managers have a proven track record in the science and business of fish farming in Africa and beyond!

Years of Experience

Managed by a team of successful aqua culturist, with years of experience, growing, building and expanding the market to ensure continuous profitability.


It would traditionally cost you several 100’s and thousands of cedis to produce your own farm, but with famerlio, that is a thing of the past.

Continuous Profits

Year after year, we continue to deliver continuous profits for our partners. With a proven track record of success.

Other Services

Services we engage in to support other farmers in the aquaculture industry. Interest in fish farming in Ghana, especially Catfish farming in Ghana is on the rise. By offering professional training services, we are better able to assist these farmers in the growth of their businesses.

Fish Farmers Blog

Learn from the experts, get the tips and advise you can use to improve your fish farm.

Fish Farmers Market

Buy all the tools you need to become a successful farmer in Ghana, at a wholesale price.

Fish Farming Training

Take advantaged of our training programs, learn, and become an expert in aquaculture.

Investing with famerlio is one of the best decisions I have ever made, profits are paid on time, and what’s more appealing is the fact that you can track the progress of your farm from start to the end.

Mensah Dorkeno