The Best Price of Catfish in Ghana 2024

The current price of catfish in Ghana, is discussed in detail in this article, we are going to focus entirely on the prices of catfish in Ghana, to give you an idea of the prices to expect at least from the farm gate across the country, and more importantly where to buy your delicious catfish, whether smoked or fresh delivered to you in Ghana.

Several online platforms can be found listing catfish for sale in Ghana, nonetheless, we provide the best value for money, quality and taste for catfish in Ghana.

Catfish in the newest delicacy in Ghana, with many farmers and restaurants coming on board, providing the services and products necessary to meet the demands of the ever-growing population.

The price of Catfish in Ghana; Fingerlings

For our catfish farmers who may want to grow their catfish and may need the catfish fingerlings for themselves. The price of catfish fingerlings in Ghana is GHS 2.99 only. You can purchase high quality catfish fingerlings from the farmers marketplace, and have it delivered to your doorsteps.

catfish fingerlings for sale in ghana

The price of Smoked Catfish in Ghana

At the famerlio farmers market, you can purchase a box of smoked catfish for as little as GHS 999 and have it delivered to your steps within 3 days.

This box contains smoked catfish, with weight before smoking (15kg), deliciously oven smoked to meet international export standards.

smoked catfish for sale in ghana, the price of catfish in ghana,

The price of Fresh Catfish in Ghana

The whole sale price for fresh catfish in Ghana is GHS 39 only, for anybody purchasing 1 ton of catfish and above. Retail price for fresh catfish GHS 50 cedis only.

You can make all these purchase at the farmers market place.


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