The Best 3 Books on Catfish Farming.

There are limited books on catfish farming, even as the lucrative business booms across the world, search for catfish farming pdf, fish farming pdf, and catfish pdf continue to rise across the world, and yet very little material is available.

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Catfish farming books

Even with available material, some of them may be as archaic as 1982. This means that beginners interested in catfish farming are continuously bombarded with the wrong information, in this article, we would expose to you the top 3 books on catfish farming, and also the best catfish farming pdf’s to help you in your journey to becoming a successful fish farmer.

Catfish farming has become a popular business in countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, the Philippines, the United States, and many more due to the high demand for fish as a source of protein and the ever-increasing demand for fish protein by the global population. As a result, there has been a growing interest in books on catfish farming to help farmers and potential farmers understand the basics of this profitable venture.

Catfish are hardy creatures and are better able to withstand a varying amount of conditions compared to fish like tilapia, making them a suitable option for farmers in different parts of the world.

They are also a nutritious source of protein, making them a desirable option for consumers looking for healthier protein sources. To succeed in catfish farming, it’s essential to have a good understanding of the basics, including information on breeding, feeding, disease control, and market analysis.

Our Catfish farming course is designed to make you a successful farmer, however, The top 5 books on catfish farming provide in-depth information on various aspects of this industry, helping you make informed decisions about catfish farming operations. These books on catfish farming are written by experienced farmers and industry experts, they offer valuable insights into the world of catfish farming.

In this article, we will highlight the top 3 books on catfish farming, which are essential reading for anyone interested in catfish farming. Whether you are an experienced farmer or just starting out, these books will provide you with the information you need to succeed in catfish farming. Sit back, and relax as we provide you with the best books on catfish farming that will optimize your knowledge and understanding of this industry.

Best Books on Catfish Farming

No 3: The Businessman’s Guide to Catfish Farming

Author: Okpokiri Lawrence

Brief Summary: This book focuses on the following areas;

  • Fish Farming systems
  • The business of fish farming
  • How to plan the start-up of a catfish farm
  • Methods of planning the set up of a catfish farm
  • Creating the planning document

This book really puts the economic side of catfish farming into perspective and helps the catfish farmer avoid errors that could be detrimental to their progress.

No 2: Catfish Farmers Handbook

Author: MISSISSIPPI State University

Brief Summary: This book focuses on the following areas;

  • Investment Required for Catfish Farming
  • Site Selection
  • Pond Construction
  • Water Quality
  • Fish Disease and Treatment
  • Aquatic weed control
  • Harvesting and Marketing

This catfish farming book, contains everything you need to successfully grow catfish, as the name implies, it is your handbook, and it is something you keep to refer to it on a daily basis.

No 1: Catfish Farming Course

Author: Felix Dolla Dimado

Brief Summary: This book focuses on the following areas;

  • Pond Type Selection
  • Equipment and Material Needs
  • Site Selection
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the various types of ponds
  • Construction of pond
  • Stock of Catfish
  • Feeding Techniques
  • Water quality management
  • Improving water quality
  • Disease management, detection, and cure.

This is a catfish farming book, that is created by a fish farmer for fish farmers, sharing his experiences, errors, and more importantly, methods used to correct such errors.


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